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[Sunday February 11th, 2007 9:48pm]
But don't bother looking (:
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ChronoLJing. [Wednesday December 20th, 2006 8:06pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Hi I've been busy [: Really sorry to people I've cancelled out/I'm cancelling out on..

ChronoLJing!Collapse )

Latest news! I'm coming down with a cold.
And I still haven't gotten Christmas presents and informed my Hadley sub-comm and settled how long my Saturday programme will be. Oooh dear :x I really hope I can make it for service..

Echoes of angels who won't return.

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Crawling in my skin. [Monday December 18th, 2006 1:41am]
[ mood | stressed ]

I have no more mood to chrono-LJ. Maybe tomorrow. Anyway, so many things have happened. And I'm stresssed, AGAIN. I've been in a bad mood for almost a week already. School hasn't even started and I'm already feeling like this.

Dear Lord, please let me hear your voice. I DON'T KNOW what to do now. I really want to celebrate my birthday leh ): And even more so Yours. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

I. hate. school. I feel like just giving up. But Lord, I know You'll make a way.

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Emerge: A New Generation. [Thursday December 14th, 2006 6:15pm]
[ mood | passionate! ]

Well everyone has more or less blogged about everything that has happened at camp. I really don't know what to say! Blahblahblah.

BIG THANKYOUS to the great camp comm, for all their effort! And the pastors, adult leaders, GLs and AGLs. I miss my group already. BroAndreSokboonHannahMeipingGeraldAmyPeterJaredJanelle,HEzRO!<3 Gosh they are all retarded :D Actually no. Only one *cough* guy is extremely retarded. (shake butt!) And I love my buddy! We were quite a quiet group, but we laughed alot, and we did great in all the stations! I'm glad that we had such unity and our attitudes were right. Yep. Room8065, Sok Boon, Clio, and Grace. All sleep very early one :X But! I'm glad we had such a great room with a greaaaat sea view. Games were awesome! Fun, yet so many lessons to be learnt. Especially the torture camp station, oh man, it was really a big challenge. I'm glad my whole group didn't give up! Be a fool for Christ. The optimism that we continued to hold on to even after finding out both Marianne AND Spencer were dead was great too. Even the blah punishments were worth their while.

The best part of camp: God, and all the experiences with Him during the services. To be honest, I expected more. I wanted so much more. But as Pastor Gerald said, loving God isn't about giving and expecting something back. We give because we love. So many wrong mentalities I went there with, but God has remoulded me and changed my heart. I guess I should appreciate and start reflecting on all that I have received already. The various prophecies, visions, words from God. My Emerge camp booklet is so very precious [: All that God has spoken to me about is in that book. I love you God, so so much. I think that, the main challenge now will be to continue being on such fire for God, and taking the first step of boldness to start taking ownership, and living my life as a Christian, through and through.

Can't wait for service this Saturday.
Oh! And my new leader for next year is Brother Adrian [: I hope everyone will be able to move on soon. When I saw so many people crying and all I was like ): too. But I guess PL will be okay. Although FUEL is at 9am raaaah.

Emily and co from KL are here! We went to Vivo in the morning, then they went home and I met up with Esther. Saw people I knew at Vivo, as always. I so love Mango maaan. They have great sales [: I've bought my dress for Celebrate. We were supposed to shop for Esther's stuff too, but she didn't want anything D: Ah well. Everything shall be finalised by Saturday morning! And ice creeeeam and s(c)andals go well together, mmm.


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Freedom [Sunday December 10th, 2006 10:19am]
[ mood | expectant ]

Freedom!Collapse )


FRIDAY: Buzz group outing was cancelled because Sister Shihui was sick and lots of people couldn't make it. Get well soon!<3 So Esther and I decided to go to Vivo. Blahblah I thought it was gonna be some enormous thing but it was okay. Hmm we shopped around for Christmas presents, found very appropriate stuff. [: Oh and I loved the ice cream. Saw GabFang and lots of school people. After spending every cent in our wallets, we sat at the playground and talked. Went to her house, visited the rooftop garden along the way, it's really pretty! Condusive environment for studying. [: Yeah then went to her house and her maid gave me Panadol, played o2jam WHICH IS SUPER FUN.

SATURDAY: Went slightly early. Talked to Odelia in Manna [: She's very cute haha. Service was good, got me into the mood and attitude for camp. No FUEL, went over to Mad Jack's to celebrate... SAAAMAATAAA'S birthday. She actually thought I had forgotten, lolll. Yeah so had dinner, then went over to Serene. We had a reaaaally hard time trying to sabo Sam into wearing the OOHLALA clothes she had brought. I want the videos! Then went over to Macs, played dare or dare. I didn't get a single dare because either:

1) I'm too sweet for the lemon in the bottle, or

Mmm and, apologies to all that we bothered. :X After that we went upstairs and played retarded games, and _ was there but whatever haha. SAM, HOPE YOU ENJOYED YOURSELF, because we all definitely did [:

Camp is today. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?
My group has been changed to Hezro. Hmm.

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Live by faith. [Thursday December 7th, 2006 10:49pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Jamming today was the BEST ever. I actually touched all the instruments, ahaha. And it was so fun. The retarded songs, the emo songs, the normal songs, teaching each other the instruments and all. Weiqi is so pro :D Lynn Shimin Zhenyi all refused to sing! Blah them la >:B But at least we were all actively participating [: After that went over to Zhenyi's house to watch Madagascar, and stupid videos on youtube. Lars the Emo Kid! Oh gosh.

Somehow they always turn out like that.

PL might be good after all.
I can't handle it anymore.
WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY ____ ___ ____ _______ __ __ ?
I've lost all my motivation.
I thought you were different.

Quiz from EstherCollapse )

Live by faith, and not by sight.

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Really long post. [Wednesday December 6th, 2006 9:04pm]
[ mood | why? ]


LOST on Tuesday was good. It's actually applicable, come to think of it. I was in team Unity, thankfully with Giselle. We started off quite slack, like one of the last few groups, then we split into 2 groups. In the end we completed quite a number of stations. The whole thing was a really good experience, like all the emphasis on keeping our spirits up, and teamwork and being focussed on the main goal. Really grateful to all those who planned it! And the leaders too, for their hard work. And for my really great group. Loved the free apple, chocolates (prizes! and from grace yip), great enthu friends, running away like maniacs from The Others etc.

Sentosa today was good too. Not too sunny, so wouldn't get burnt. Although some people really wanted to tan, heh. Sorry you guys for um yeah. Well I was the first to get in the water, then shortly after that I was joined by Esther, then Grace then Shaunice. Winny rebonded her hair, so she couldn't get in the water. Giselle came to join us for lunch, and she didn't get wet at all. Tomyamnoodlesss. Oh, there were really big playground floats thing in the water, from Germany or something, but must pay 5 dollars. We were leaving soon so we didn't go on them... Talked with Gis and Esther about the whole Adam/PL thing, AGAIN yes I know. Well. Had a great time to get my mind off stuff.

Camp groups, they're splitting us by the whole Adam/PL thing, blah, why can't they let us have our last few moments with each other? I suppose they want us to get to know the people in our zones. I'm in group Eliam, AL is Abigail. I have this really blah feeling about this.

.Collapse )

Far Away.Collapse )

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Empty [Monday December 4th, 2006 11:58am]
[ mood | empty ]


I just watched the 211 video again. VERY late, I know but AH. Shit lah, I miss 211 so much. MY LIFE FEELS DAMN EMPTY WITHOUT YOU GUYS.

Jo Teo's piano concert!Collapse )

Tomorrow, 5pm. And today I'm stuck at home clearing out stuff, with orders from The Man of The House. Tennis and swimming later. And Chloe Ong Shu Hui is home! I MISSED YOU LOADS<3.

See MAYBE. It's better this way. This is the problem with them.

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Try to steal your mind's elation [Saturday December 2nd, 2006 9:34pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

Chances are very high.

I keep trying to tell myself that if this happens, God must have had a reason. But... it's just so emotionally tiring and stressful. I hope that I'm just worrying unduly, that there's actually a chance, although I know I'll just be lying to myself. They have given their stand. They have stated their reasons. They can say all they want, but it won't be the same.

I'm tired of all of your crap. But I have to treasure what I have now.

What I honestly feel.Collapse )

Spicy chocolate. AND so malu la.

SHIT LA WHY. SHIT LA WHY. SHIT LA WHY. SHIT LA WHY. SHIT LA WHY. SHIT LA WHY does it have to happen over, and over, again?

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Back Home [Friday December 1st, 2006 7:04pm]
[ mood | content ]

Helloo I'm finally home. Aust was nice. The trip went like this: Adelaide - Barossa Hills - Adelaide Hills - Kangaroo Island - Victor Harbour - Adelaide. Plane flight there was reaaally nice, because we were like riding above this huge storm cloud, and you could see the lightning blazing the deep purple clouds and all, then from a storm cloud we flew into a breath-taking sunrise with a gradient of hues. Beautiful. Aust itself was pretty as well! Lots of brown hills, but still spectacular. There was one night we decided to take a walk (Kangaroo Island), so I wrapped up in a blanket and went out LOL. It was REALLY cold at night. Oh and we saw the 2 penguins, they are SO adorable. They were walking from one end of the cliff to the other. Um and they're really small. The houses and hotels we stayed in were lovely as well, some cosy, some posh. Drank lots of wine, ate ALOT of burgers and chips, saw many native animals. I thank God we made it through the trip smoothly.

So, got back yesterday. Went out for Open Season at Plaza Singapura today, haha Teo and Mo were lying down in the seats. Dropped by Star Factory, then went jamming at Upp Thomson. Basically it was the same, sat around and did nothing blahblah. Incriminating evidence and potentially broken hearts (U).

Going swimming now, tata.

Edit: Pictures here!Collapse )

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